Om Shanti Healing energetic natural healing therapies are located in a peaceful part of Doreen, a northern suburb of Melbourne, opposite serene natural wetlands.

We are very passionate about helping our clients to achieve a significantly improved balanced life, and find real happiness, contentment and peace.

Our approach is wholistic with the emphasis on helping clients to achieve and maintain long term well-being.

We understand how spiritual, emotional and physical well-being are intertwined and have therefore developed a range of completely natural energetic wholistic therapies which offer various healings on different levels suitable and comforting to you.

We offer:
Reconnective Healing ®
The Reconnection ®

Energetic Healing

Spiritual Healing
Shamanic Healing

Reiki Healing
Chakra Balancing / Cleansing
Sound Healing
Tarot Card Readings
Meditation Classes

Please call us or email us to make a time to see one of our talented healers.


We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.

About Us...

Om Shanti Healing

Energetic Healing Body, Mind and Spirit